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"STOP struggling financially as a Dancer/Choreographer"

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Producers, Have You Ever Felt This Way?

  • Facing problems writing memorable melodies & unique chord progressions
  • ​Wondering why you can't get the music ideas out of your head and into your DAW?
  • ​Staying up late at night struggling with "writer's block"
  • ​Sick and tired of making music that lacks emotion and feeling your audience can relate to?
  • ​Don't have the time to spend learning music theory?

If You Can Relate...

Then 'Niko's MIDI Pack Is Exactly What You Need In Your Songwriting Process!


Here's What You'll Get Inside Your Product:

  •  Financial Literacy: Changing the way you count Money.
  • ​Your Earning Potential: How much you can actually make weekly with this simple strategy.
  • ​ The Power of networking and Collaborations: Learn how Networking can get you more and even bigger deals.
  • Mindset Transformation Strategy: Learn a easy technique that will assist you with Mindset daily.
  • Links to Testimonials: Listen to those whom have worked with me in various capacities express how they have grown and where they are in their Entrepreneur journey.
  • ​How to work with me and make even more $$$: Get links to insider tips and tricks, Courses, and Mastermind opportunities.

Also When You Grab "Your Product" Today, I'll Throw in 3 BONUSES Worth Over $300!

Bonus #1 ($97 Value)
Mindset & Motivation

Course Module from "How to make $$$ as a Quince/Sweet 16 Choreographer"
The starving Artist Myth is 

Bonus #2 ($97 Value)
How to work with Teens/Novice 

Course Module from "How to make $$$ as a Quince/Sweet 16 Choreographer"
Here are some tips when it comes to working with Non-Dancers but making them SHINE anyway.

Bonus #3 ($297 Value)
15 min Strategy session

Here is where you 
1. Hop on a call with me
2. Get clarity on your vision, and we 
3. Breakdown some more $$$ Making Strategies 
You have come to the right page. 

If you are anything like me, you know you were meant to use your ART and skill. 

And you are happiest when you do. Problem is you believe what people, even loved ones have said to you; "You Cant make a living as a Dancer/Choreographer". 
Truth is YOU CAN!!

The problem is no one has ever shown you how. 
That is Until 

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